Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my twentieth birthday... in the near future I will be writing about 20 things I want from my twenties.



My recent blog obsession is Stuff Journalists Like. The most recent posting, Messy Desk, has provided some clarity in my life. While I am merely a j-school student, for years people have been telling me to clean my personal desk. I can clean my room one-hundred times over yet, my desk remains untouched always. So you can finely get off my case because it may just be a suggestion that I am in the right program at school.

That being said, I am pleased to announce that after having no power for 24 hours, things are almost back to normal in my house.


Weekly Obsession: Womanizer Cover

I admit that back in the day when Britney Spears released her first cd ...Baby One More Time, I was a fan. To my credit I was only 10 years old at the time. Since then, we've seen much questionable behavior from Ms. Spears, but it is undeniable that her new song "Womanizer" is catchy as hell. As my taste has evolved I don't particularly like her song (that is unless I'm drunk and dancing at the bar). So I bring you my obsession of the week, much better covers of this song.

Exhibit A: The All-American Rejects

Exhibit B: Lily Allen
  • This is by far my favourite cover, mainly because I have been obsessed with Allen's Alright Still, for a long time and it is holding me over until It's Not Me It's You drops on February 10.

Exhibit C: Knatterjak
  • This Tumblr blog features some pretty cool covers, and I encourage you to take a listen to more on the site.

Exhibit D: Cosmic Elf
  • Okay so this version kind of creeps me out, but flashing pics of Obama to go with the "superstar where you from?" lyrics is kind of cool.

Know of any other really good Womanizer covers? Let me know!


Weekly Obsession: Yael Naim

One of my current musical obsessions is Yael Naim. Her song, New Soul, was used in the Macbook Air commercials, and handpicked by Steve Jobs himself. For those that have me on twitter you might have found my link to her cover of Britney Spears' Toxic. This is a song I did not like the original of, but have found myself hooked on her cover. An amazing thing about Yael Naim is that she was the first Israeli singer to ever have a Top 10 song in the United States. I recommend you check out her album, it's pretty fantastic.