Twenty Things From My Twenties: Number 4 & 5

Number 4: Go to New York!

So I realize that some of my goals are not super ambitious, such as this one, but they are still things I want to do in the next 10 years. New York is pretty much the number one location on my places I want to visit list -- partially because it seems realistic, seeing as it's not that far away, and secondly because I simply want to go there, and always have.

Number 5: Go to at least one runway show during a fashion week

Another one thing I'd like to do in the next 10 years is attend a fashion show during one of the many fashion weeks around the world. If I could attend more than one, or go to multiple fashion weeks in multiple cities, well that would be a major bonus.


Twenty Things From My Twenties: Number 3

Number 3: Learn how to play guitar well.

Most people that know me, know that I've always wanted to learn how to play guitar. Last year I learned how to read tabs, and as soon as I can gain access to a guitar I'm going to continue to teach myself. Even if I can just play a few songs well I'd be pretty happy.


Twenty Things From My Twenties: Number 2

Number 2: Finish a degree (or maybe two?)

So numero two is slightly more obvious. I want to graduate with a piece of paper that says i accomplished something. If things go according to plan I will be 23 when I finish my degree. When I graduate I plan on pursuing my career in journalism, but if I decide I want to do something different, or my desire for expensive possessions (have you seen the price tags for number 1?) then I can always go back to school and get another degree.


Twenty Things From My Twenties: Number 1

I said that I was going to be making a list of twenty things I want out of my twenties. This list is going to be highly diverse, some things may be entirely materialistic while others will be goal-oriented. To start though, I am going with something completely and utterly materialistic.

A lot of my friends know that I like shoes... a lot. While I do not have bins full, I feel that my shoe collection is quite lovely. My favourite pair, my red patent Cole Haan flats with a slight wedge are my present pride and joy. I acquired these with my own funds (along with a more practical black pair by the same designer) before I hit twenty. So, before I hit thirty I would like to:

Number 1: Buy a pair of really expensive but fabulous designer shoes.

I know, I'm a huge girl and kind of materialistic, but I don't care. Sometime in the next 10 years I want to invest in a pair of Manolos or Jimmy Choo's or maybe a pair of Christian Louboutin's. When (if) I have the money to do this I will find a fabulous pair. I know this is a very Carrie Bradshaw thing to want, but I love my shoes! Anyways, making this a long-term want gives me time to master the walk needed to accompany a beautiful pair of shoes.

Aren't they absolutely stunning?