Twenty Things From My Twenties: Number 1

I said that I was going to be making a list of twenty things I want out of my twenties. This list is going to be highly diverse, some things may be entirely materialistic while others will be goal-oriented. To start though, I am going with something completely and utterly materialistic.

A lot of my friends know that I like shoes... a lot. While I do not have bins full, I feel that my shoe collection is quite lovely. My favourite pair, my red patent Cole Haan flats with a slight wedge are my present pride and joy. I acquired these with my own funds (along with a more practical black pair by the same designer) before I hit twenty. So, before I hit thirty I would like to:

Number 1: Buy a pair of really expensive but fabulous designer shoes.

I know, I'm a huge girl and kind of materialistic, but I don't care. Sometime in the next 10 years I want to invest in a pair of Manolos or Jimmy Choo's or maybe a pair of Christian Louboutin's. When (if) I have the money to do this I will find a fabulous pair. I know this is a very Carrie Bradshaw thing to want, but I love my shoes! Anyways, making this a long-term want gives me time to master the walk needed to accompany a beautiful pair of shoes.

Aren't they absolutely stunning?

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